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The drama series started broadcasting on August 15, 2012 on SBS.Sulli plays Gu Jae-hee, who disguises as a boy in order to attend the same school as her crush.In order to prepare for her role, Sulli who was known for her long hair cut 60 cm of it.

She continued to take on minor roles in television dramas and movies such as Vacation (2006), Punch Lady (2007), The Flower Girl is Here (2007) and BABO (2008).Later, she played the leading role in comedy film Fashion King, based on the webtoon series of the same name, alongside Joo Won and Kim Sung-oh.In 2017, Sulli was cast in the movie Real alongside Kim Soo-hyun.Although both claim to be just good friends, fans have a totally different view of their relationship.Incidents such as Jungah naming her doll after the real name of Onew, and both being seen wearing matching hoodies, caused fans to be suspicious about their “just friends” relationship. He admits that he is in the age group where an individual is quite obsessive about having a relationship.Both the agencies have denied the dating reports about them, but fans strongly believe that they have a relationship.Updated: In response to the sadness on this occasion, my heartfelt condolences.She is the only daughter of her family, having two older brothers and a younger brother. Entertainment audition, during which she sang the S. On September 5, 2009, she debuted as a member of the group f(x), with the single "La Cha Ta".Her mother enrolled her in acting school at a young age. In the midst of Red Light promotions, Sulli abruptly went on hiatus from the Korean entertainment industry due to being mentally and physically exhausted from the continuous, malicious comments and false rumors that had been spread about her.Most importantly, they can speak English as well along with Korean which makes them communicate smoothly.Due to countless of sightings of the two together and the pictures posted by Key on social media, fans are strongly convinced that they are in a romantic relationship.


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