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Who is david blue dating

– the Hordian troops of the Cossacks (aka the chronicle 'Tatars' who have colonized the Hindustan Peninsula and lands surrounding it.The word ARYA in Sanskrit 'means both: the name of the people and 'kind', 'wise') [519], v.2, p.250. the territory of modern India was occupied and developed by the army of Russia Horde.Vast expanses of Eurasia were yet little populated.In the majority of cases there was no one to fight.For example, the downfall of Duryodhana was described in the Mahabharata in great detail.But the surviving Russian primary sources speak of khan Mamai's blight very scantily. Having declared the Cossacks=Tatars the be 'evil people', the Romanovs' historians crossed out from our history all the positive accounts about khan Mamai and his fellows in arms.# Mahabharata narrates about the 'Mongol' conquest of the XV century.

The researchers of the history of religions have already cautiously spoken about it [2v1], ch.1.Using this interactive map, you will find the perfect accommodation for your holiday and explore the island of Brač.Discover hidden beaches and the natural beauty of the island. We were continuously indoctrinated with the idea that the 'Russians' and the 'Tatars' are allegedly long-standing foes. And in it there is a big section 'Women's lament' [519], v.8, p.136-176.It describes the wives lamenting their dead warriors who fell in the field of the great battle. # The central theme of the Epic is the great battle of the people in the Kuru field. and was finally completed only in the XVII-XVIII cc.At the heart of the 'ancient' Indian Ramayana are the events of the XIV-XVI cc., when the powerful 'ancient' Christian Rome, aka Russia Horde together with The Ottoman Empire-Ottomania spreads its rule over Eurasia, Oceania (Pacific Islands) and America.Hence the Mediaeval population of Hindustan believed in Christ. The Horde army was followed by the migrants, women and children.The authors sympathise with Arjuna = Dmitry Donskoy and are ill-disposed towards Duryodhana = Mamai.Similar is the point of view of the Russian chronicles: 'good Dmitry' and 'evil Mamai'.


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