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# The central theme of the Epic is the great battle of the people in the Kuru field. and was finally completed only in the XVII-XVIII cc.We were continuously indoctrinated with the idea that the 'Russians' and the 'Tatars' are allegedly long-standing foes. And in it there is a big section 'Women's lament' [519], v.8, p.136-176.It describes the wives lamenting their dead warriors who fell in the field of the great battle.In the Russian chronicles the lament was reflected very poorly.In this way we emerge deeper into the events of Hordian Moscow which followed the battle.# Mahabharata narrates about the 'Mongol' conquest of the XV century.

It is even more interesting considering that in the Romanovs' version Mamai is represented negatively, and there are no details about his supporters.Learn about the cultural and historical heritage of the island. And under the name of Duryodhana (=Evil Khan) appears Mamai, the adversary of Dmitry.It is possible that in the name ARYANS reflected the Russian word YARY (FIERCE), YARO (FIERCELY). They were the 'Mongolian' army directed to the South and to the East.Which very well corresponds with the essence of this name 'Yuryi'= Georgyievtsy – the FIERCE warriors of Yuryi (Georgyi - George) The Conqueror. According to the Byzantine chronicler John Malalas, the colonization of the world of that time was carried out generally in a peaceful way.The authors sympathise with Arjuna = Dmitry Donskoy and are ill-disposed towards Duryodhana = Mamai.Similar is the point of view of the Russian chronicles: 'good Dmitry' and 'evil Mamai'.In particular, MALALAS DESCRIBES WESTERN EUROPE AS A HALF SAVAGE COUNTRY WHERE THERE ARE EVEN NO CITIES [338]. The Hordians who stepped on the Hindustan Peninsula, were not at all Muslim in the modern meaning of this word.On the territories of the vigorously expanding 'Mongol' Empire reigned the Apostolic Christianity rooted in the XII century. In the Mahabharata under the name of Arjuna (= Horde-Khan) is described Dmitry Donskoy. We have mentioned earlier the famous 'ancient' Indian epic Mahabharata. Here reflected is the colossal Battle of Kulikovo in 1380.


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