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Who is hyori lee dating android r class not updating

So, don't be too bothered about matching pieces, but instead go for comfort and practicality.

Her signature makeup style is all or nothing, much like Hyori herself.

You have have seen her around as a regular at popular Korean variety programmes such as Running Man, but 38-year-old Lee Hyori (yep, you read right, 38) is a veteran in the Korean entertainment industry, long before the K-wave hit our little red dot.

Dubbed as the Queen of Pop, Lee Hyori is the star of our spotlight episode today.

You can watch her stunningly conceptual music video here.

Her Instagram is back up too - the star is starting from scratch with 482,000 followers (@hyoleehyolee) and climbing.

Hyori debuted as the leader of 90s K-pop girl band, Fin. She started her music career in 1998 as part of the girl band movement that was taking South Korea by storm. They were one of the biggest girl bands at that time and Hyori was naturally appointed the leader, being the "Beyonce" of the group. Shortly after, Hyori planned her first solo album which later became one of the biggest successes in her career. Hyori doesn't just love animals, she is an animal activist and fights for their rights.This stunning lady has been pretty low-key in the past few years as she took a hiatus from the entertainment business in 2015, even deleting all her social media accounts as she needed "time for herself".Now, the queen is back with a brand new album called 'BLACK'.Perhaps this is the secret to her eternal youth because this woman does not look a day over 25, let alone 38!!From her porcelain skin to her kickass physique, most 20-year-olds wished they looked half as good as Hyori. Hyori's style is all about effortlessness and individuality. Hyori can basically wear a trash bag and look 100 per cent, while the rest of us mere mortals would look homeless.In January 2017, Albamon received "Consumer Choice Best Brand Award" for "its efforts to improve the rights of the public by providing high quality part-time job announcements" after an ad featuring Hyeri and Im Chang-jung reached over 10 million views in just a month after its release.The K-pop wave hit the Singapore shores arguably around 2003 and reached its peak from 2008 onwards. However, due to the hallyu lag, we may have missed some spectacular highlights to this incredible artiste's career.You can see her rocking a beanie, sweater and jeans frequently.On top of that style, Hyori also regularly rocks boho-style pieces with cowboy hats, denim shorts and boots.Perhaps because of that, Hyori is constantly switching up her style.She rocked the 90s low-rise denim and then moved on to a casual hip hop style.


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