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In the episode "Grey Dawn", he revealed that he worked 55 years in a steel mill and he flew Spitfire fighter planes over Germany in World War II.

He is also familiar with typically British words as "wanker" and "poofter".

This does not mean she hates her brother, as in the former episode she lies to protect him from being sent away.

There have been other moments when she also seems to have superhuman strength, and once had the ability to lift a piano over her head with ease, seen during "Mr. She does help Stan when he is in real danger, although in "Pre-School" this was apparently only because she wants the privilege of beating up her brother all to herself.

Although Kyle initially rejected Ike upon finding out that he was adopted, Ike idolizes his brother and Kyle watches out for him and often shows a great deal of affection towards his little brother.

As seen in It's Christmas in Canada where Kyle travels great lengths to find and rescue his little brother after being taken against his and his families will to Canada.

Jimbo Kern (sometimes portrayed as Kerns or Uncle Jimbo) is uncle to Stan.

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Ike has black hair, and, like all Canadians portrayed on the series, is depicted as having small beady eyes and an ovoid head which is completely divided in two, and separates completely from the lower half whenever he talks. He was put up for adoption by his Canadian parents, Harry and Elise, after Canada had been 'devastated by the cola wars'.

The character was voiced by Mary Kay Bergman until Bergman's death, and Shelly has subsequently been voiced by Eliza Schneider. Shelly has an extremely aggressive temper and has very little respect for Stan and his friends, usually referring to them as "turds".

In "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig", she physically abused him, hurled him around their house, and in the feature film South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut, she demolished a wooden chair over his head.

Jimbo is shown on numerous occasions to drive a Hummer.

Jimbo campaigned in opposition of a proposal to change the South Park flag because the flag depicted the town's racist past.


  1. Lauren Conrad and Kyle Howard. dating midway through the six-season run of "The Hills," Conrad managed to keep the details of their relationship off camera. Howard.

  2. Kyle Howard net worth Kyle Howard is an American actor who has a net worth of $2 million dollars. Kyle Alan Howard was born in Loveland, Colorado in April 1978. He worked

  3. Conrad launched the fashion lines LC Lauren Conrad and Paper Crown in 20, respectively. In 2008, Conrad began dating actor Kyle Howard.

  4. Actor, 32, a are kyle howard and lauren conrad still dating katie cassidy dating history good girl and would never have. Meetkyle howard will propose.

  5. Kyle Alan Howard, born April 13, 1978. Kyle Howard plays the recurring role of Evan. In 2008, Howard began dating MTV reality star Lauren Conrad.

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