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Who is louisa lytton dating

He is shown in costume and wearing his medals for gymnastics. 12b Joseph Mee Hubbard, a cabinet photo of gymnastics professor Joseph Mee Hubbard (c.1846-1916) by J. Autographed on front in ink ‘ Faithfully Yours, Jos. Hubbard' and on the reverse ‘ In kindest remembrances of October 1st & 2nd 1885'. It measures 30 inches by 20 inches and it has been mounted at a later date on to a canvas backing.

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43b Mabel Sinclair, real photo postcard of the ventriloquist with her dummy (who looks very like Coster Joe, the dummy of Fred Russell) by Frank Dobson, The Photo Works, Waterloo, Liverpool. E., Dear Will, Flo will catch first train after 5 from Anerley. 29b William Rignold, a carte de visite photograph of actor William Rignold by M. The carte de visite once belonged to the Rignold/Rignall family and is inscribed in pencil on the reverse. ‘ Mrs Price' is written in ink next to her name and is presumably her married name. Autographed by Brough in ink 'Yours truly, Lionel Brough'. Photographer Lizzie Caswell Smith, Rapid Photo Company card. It was taken in about 1863 when Rignold was in the company at the Theatre Royal, Dublin. 32b Miss Cleeves, carte de visite photograph of actress Miss Cleeves by the London Stereoscopic Company. no.33b Lionel Brough, a real photo postcard of Lionel Brough. The photographers are Southwell Brothers of London. See the next item for a matching picture from the same production. Dayes and Caney, furniture by James Lyons, music by G. Bubb, Lock & Hadwen, Lacon & Ollier, Chappell's, Cramer & Beale, Cock, Addison & Co., Keith and Prowse, Mr. Cooper (William Cooper), Henry Webb (Harry Webb), Mr. A couple of small edges tears, slight loss to bottom left edge (not affecting text) good condition. 20b Hermann Vezin, photographic woodburytype portrait of Hermann Vezin by Lock & Whitfield of London. 23b Robert Reece, a woodburytype carte de visite published by the Wednesday Programme of playwright and author Robert Reece. Reece was the author of pantomime, librettos for opera, comedies, farces, and burlesques including The Vampire, Forty Thieves and Aladdin at the Royal Strand Theatre and Gaiety Theatre. Autographed by Bella Pateman in ink 'Yours sincerely Bella Pateman'. Theatre Royal, Edinburgh, a playbill for 1 February 1850 with plays A Way to Pay Old Debts by Massinger and the melodrama The Ragpicker of Paris. Vining, Miss Nicoll, Miss Weems, Miss Frankland, Mr.


  1. Actress Louisa Lytton seems to have found the best therapy following her recent split from her boyfriend. The Bill star was seen splashing around in the pool during a girly break in Dubai with some of her close friends.

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