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Who is nastia liukin dating

) and admire him for what he's done so exceptionally well, he's not the best dancer.I understand given the physical limitations that he's gone above and beyond what we ever could have imagined, but that doesn't mean he should walk away with the Mirrorball.But whatever you think of Lysacek, it's worth remembering that he's still immersed in the world of figure skating--a sport where a female companion just might be equal to a quadruple axel.Gold medalists have been seeing each other secretly since last summer.Meet Matt Lombardi, not the NHL player, this equally handsome Matt Lombardi is the loving and amazing boyfriend of Nastia Liukin, the former Olympic gymnast who is also one of the newest contestants on Dancing With the Stars season 20! Matt received his high school diploma from The Governor’s Academy in 2006 and BS in Marketing from Boston College in 2010. At Venture Up, Matt is one of the three coaches who help future athletes create champion style habits through the sports they love by using resources they already have: time, passion, and technology. and People Magazine are confirming that gold medalists Evan Lysacek and Nastia Liukin are an "item." While the bizarrely homophobic figure skating world is surely rejoicing at this news, I'm less moved.Lysacek's Olympic performance was spectacular, as was the way he handled himself afterwards.

We realized we're both very similar when it comes to our careers, and we really wanted to take on this challenge."Of course, now as we get ready to close out season 20, the talk turns to the fall installment of , and whether Derek will return for that. Other Notes with a special evening featuring several of the judges, former pros, celebs, and more special guests.

has long proved that it's more than just a dance show—it's a personality and a popularity contest.

That sentiment was evidenced in last night's results show, as one of this season's best dancers—Nastia Liukin (with partner Derek Hough)—was sent home.

"You know, it doesn't really matter," explained Derek.

"That's the thing..it could have been or what it is...it's done, it's over.


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