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Who is olivia blois sharpe dating i kiss dating goodbye by joshua harris

Mikey says he barely remembers Tracy, because they were so young when they dated. Alexa gets peeved when one of her speed-daters lives with his parents and makes fun of her makeup artistry. Somehow, the topic of Olivia comes up and Gigi spills the beans. She walks into the Gatsby the next day and demands to know where Olivia is.

Tracy is visibly shaken and walks outside the bar screaming, calling Olivia all kinds of names. Olivia is across the street at Sonic, getting french toast sticks for Christy.

He wants to focus on his bodybuilding "career." Olivia is upset and storms out of the gym, calling out behind her, "and my outfit is adorable!

" At the pizza shop anniversary, Frankie comes in and walks toward Gigi, ducking to avoid flying pizza dough.

At the salon, Gigi Liscio and Alexa Prisco commiserate about being single. Filippo invites him to come to the pizzeria's 35th anniversary party, where Gigi will also be.He's not in jail, he's STD-free, and he's not a graffiti artist, Olivia assures her. Mikey, the guy Olivia is seeing, has dated Tracy in the past.Briella tries to warn her that this is a legitimately stupid idea, but Olivia really likes Mikey.Frankie is stung that Gigi hasn't taken him back, but resolves to keep trying in order to make their relationship work.• 'Jerseylicious' Style Network reality show returns to highlight N. Police sources told TMZ no foul play is suspected, and that toxicology reports are still pending. A post shared by Olivia Blois Sharpe (@ooh_lalaa_livia) on Her advice to her followers?Though Mike and Olivia were no longer a couple, she remembered him fondly with a post on Instagram showing them in a loving embrace: One of my favorite photos of Mike and I❤️ ..... If there is someone who has a part of your heart, no matter what has transpired in the past, no matter what the situation might be.. "If there is someone who has a part of your heart, no matter what has transpired in the past, no matter what the situation might be..Olivia picks up a piece of Tracy's hair extension on the ground, while Tracy stomps on Olivia's sunglasses.They both head back to the salon and Olivia cries, with Anthony providing comfort.The girlfight to end all girl fights was on Sunday night's Jerseylicious.There was spitting in faces, broken sunglasses, hair extensions on the ground, and every insult possible hurled across the Sonic parking lot.


  1. Olivia Blois Sharpe, Actress Just Sing. Olivia Blois Sharpe is an actress, known for Just Sing 2017, Numb 2016 and Wilde Eastern 2017. Uncover the Secrets Hidden in Your Man's Kiss; Celebrity Dating Game; She Found the Man of Her Dreams, But Let Him Go 2013. Herself. - Steve and His All-Star Celebrity.

  2. Posts about Olivia Blois Sharpe written by homeshoppingista. Back together with her boyfriend Mikey, she makes up her mind to never let her toxic relationships with Tracy, Briella or Doria get in the way of achieving her dreams. This season, looking to take her career to the next level, Olivia launches an on-location styling.

  3. Mar 18, 2017. Mike Aktari, best known for being Olivia Blois Sharpe's bf on the show "Jerseylicious," has died at the age of 28. Network show from 2010 to 2012. when Olivia frequently butted heads with Tracy DiMarco, Mike's ex-gf. Mike and Olivia weren't dating when he died, but she was clearly upset by the news.

  4. Mar 19, 2017. Aktari's relationship with makeup artist Olivia Blois Sharpe was documented on the show, and while the two were not dating at the time of his death, Sharpe, 28, has been mourning the loss of her former flame on Instagram. PHOTOS Stars We've Lost In Recent Years. "My heart has never hurt this hard.

  5. Olivia Blois Sharpe Makeup artist. Former employee at Anthony Robert Salon, The Gatsby Salon and The Glam Fairy. Now working on her own. Tracy DiMarco-Epstein Former employee at The Gatsby Salon and the Glam Fairy. Currently working at Anthony Robert Salon. Married to Corey Epstein. They welcomed their first.

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