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There’s an engagement, a wedding, an on-again, off-again romance, and a hot new couple alert — but we aren’t talking about on-screen.We’re talking about the off-screen love lives heating up for our favorite stars of , "and they just spent the holidays together." Sounds serious!Both stars are from Toronto, and in a weird twist of events, Matte is friends with Shay’s ex-boyfriend Ryan Silverstein, whom she broke up with in 2014. at a press junket “He’s great,” and “it’s going good.” Anthony, for his part, shared a picture of the two as recently as the end of November.There have been rumors they are secretly engaged and others that they've secretly split, but it seems the two are just happy being together since they went public in July 2015! There are always rumors Ashley’s on-screen romance with Caleb has translated to an off-screen romance with Tyler Blackburn — but all signs point to the fact that if it was ever on, it’s off now.And because she often posts pictures with male friends and members of her entourage, it’s hard to tell when Ashley is being straight-forward about her relationship status or not, probably just how she intends it.Right now, though, it seems the real-life Hanna Marin is single!In 2009, Pieterse was shed as a sequence regular on Pretty Little Liars as Alison Di Laurentis, Just the age of 18, she is the youngest actress on the demonstration, as all of her co-stars are in their early to late 20s or more old than that.On March 26, 2013, ABC Family transformed the show for a 5th season that will give first performance on June 10, 2014. with one of the escort roles of Fawcett Brooks and in an episode of Hawaii Five-0 as a terrorist scholar called Dawn Hatfield.

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At the age of 3, she moved on to United States of America and there she was brought up in Las Vegas and later on she immigrated to Los Angeles where she has her own house.

She initiated to rise to prominence as an actress when she played in House portraying a young girl named Andie with fatal cancer. In 2006, Pieterse showed her appearance in another movie as a girl named Anisha who, after having her sexual advance discarded by Chuck, places a nuisance on him for the reason that all single girl he gets slept with will mash up with this guy and get married with the another man who requests her to go out with him.

Around this period, Pieterse also gave her appearance as Millie Rose for 2 episodes of a short-lived sequence named Wanted with her former Family Affair co-star, Gary Cole.

Neither Pieterse nor Sheaffer have talked about whether they’re looking for a long or a short engagement yet.

But with “Pretty Little Liars” coming to an end after Season 7, they will certainly have way more free time in which to plan their wedding.


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