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Who is tila tequila dating 2016

While Tila Tequila has had a rough go of her life since she hit peak fame during the course of her show, she does not have much to show for herself since.

That is such an absurd stereotype to place on all women and it just shows people how ignorant people can be!The growing anti-Semitism and white Nationalist pride and assault on free speech by those on the extreme right are damaging the reputation of this country, and the true reason for the founding of the original colonies here in North America.Our settlers were looking to escape persecution and no longer live in fear because of their beliefs.In one of MANY ignorant tweets that has since been deleted, she shared: Never mind the fact that Lopez is of Puerto Rican descent, she's also a singer, dancer, actress, mother, and entrepreneur! As for Tila's most recent racist comment, perhaps she forgot that an immigrant seeing as how her real name is Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, and she was born in Singapore after her family fled Vietnam during the war.The insufferable celeb was raised in Houston, but that doesn't exactly change where she came from.She is everything white Nationalists want to get rid of.As much as she provides an outlet to spread the racist and vitriolic message that is promoted by the Nation Policy Institute, it also makes for strange bedfellows.As a Jewish-American, I am of course baffled by the idea that white nationalist pride and the growing Nazi sentiment are becoming prevalent in 2016, but I am also baffled at people who are part of the “minority” lying in bed with the people who view them as lesser human beings.Even though I am still a white male in today’s society, I also understand the struggles of those who are not as privileged as I am because of the horrific history of my ancestors, those who had to suffer so future Jewish individuals could live a better life than they did.We tried our best to keep in touch and keep it going, but after a while, all of this camera stuff, he just couldn't handle it.[sic]In the week after Episode 9 aired and the week before Episode 10 aired, there was a special episode titled One Shot Too Many.


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