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Woman in jail dating services

A few of his former victims made their way to court proceedings to voice their experiences, offering even more insight into the awful lengths he was willing to go to get what he wanted.One noted how skilled he was in his approach, meticulously sticking to his fake identity in order to get close to women he would ultimately steal from.Next time an oil tycoon pops up as a match, swipe left.

This guy obviously had some type of game because he scammed not 1, not 2, but 16 women..you heard that right…16 women.It’s something simple like this that could lift their spirits and brighten their day.It could quite possibly be life changing for them.​ Feel free to browse through the various pages of Inmate Members and become a pen pal.He used manipulation to gain access to personal finance information, moving funds and opening new accounts in their names; switching to intimidation and blackmail whenever the women caught wind of what was going on.In a series of letters sent to the case’s judge Laura Swain, 9 different women recounted the scams they endured.Users of this site should use caution when using this interpersonal service.Information is provided by the inmate and is not verified by Canadian Inmates Connect Inc. is not responsible for any type of relationship that is developed through this site and by you using this site you hereby acknowledge the above. reserves the right to refuse service and remove from Canadian Inmates Connect Inc. This site is and will remain, the property of Canadian Inmates Connect Inc.services at anytime, anyone for any reason deemed inappropriate by Canadian Inmates Connect Inc. Any persons that use names and/or pictures listed on this service, without permission from the person whose name is being used; accept all legal consequences of such actions. DOES NOT give permission for the media or the public to obtain any names and/or pictures from these listings.Justin and I had dated off and on for years, and some part of me always believed we would end up married. I was quiet, studious, painfully shy; he was full of boisterous energy and crude jokes.A couple of Taylor’s former victims spoke on what they endured in court proceedings.The women’s testimonies shed more light on how far he would stretch to eventually get what he was looking for.


  1. Jun 17, 2015. Not so for the increasing number of ladies who write to strangers in prison. Prior to the internet, prison pen pals relied on snail mail. However in recent years, the advent of websites such as MeetaPrisoner.com, InmatesforYou.com, and even have made it easier for people to connect with.

  2. Please note There is NO internet access in any Provincial or Federal prison in Canada. Prison is far from being the “Club Fed” that it has been made out to be. Canadian Inmates Connect Inc. reserves the right to refuse service and remove from Canadian Inmates Connect Inc. services at anytime, anyone for any reason.

  3. Feb 28, 2018. State prison officials told a federal judge that they have already made reasonable accommodations for the transgender prisoner.

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