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Women dating older men statistics

Second, a practical factor includes the greater financial and physical independence of older teen men and adult men in their 20s.Both studies and personal stories indicate that compared to school-age boys, older men tend to have more money, a car, a place to live, access to adult privileges, no responsibility to parents or family rules, and other lifestyle attributes younger girls may find appealing.Source: California Center for Health Statistics, 2003 There is some indication that the wider age gap between partners, the more likely relationships are to be abusive.However, this may be a consequence of the types of individuals who choose much-older or much-younger partners than the age gap itself.In sum, more than 55,000 births in California in 2002 involved at least one teenage parent.

The average age of a California teen wife giving birth is 18.2, and her husband, 22.7.However, the "types of men" who impregnate teens vary widely in motivation, from those seeking conquest and validation of masculinity to those who care for their partners and make responsible husbands, boyfriends, and fathers (Goodyear & Newcomb, in California Wellness Foundation 2000).Trends in the economic well-being of young adults in the 18-29 range over the last 30 years such as declining real incomes, greater tendency to live in parents' homes, greater enrollment in higher education, greater likelihood of criminal records and imprisonment, and greater unemployability, may have worked to reduce the appeal of older partners and contributed to declining birth rates in the 1990s, particularly African Americans.Older men also carry liabilities that can be closely related to what seem to be their attributes.Greater independence means greater mobility, which makes it easier for older partners to abandon girlfriends.The declining economic fortunes of teenage males may also reduce their desirability as reproductive partners for teenage women.top A few studies indicate that teenage girls who date older men are more likely to get pregnant, more likely to keep the baby, and more likely to marry their partners than those who date teen boys (see Guttmacher, 1994, 1997; and review by California Wellness Foundation 2000).In fact, husbands average over 21 years old at time of birth for every age of teen wife (the youngest married teen giving birth in California in 2002 was 14).This compares to the average ages of 17.8 years for unwed teen mothers and 21.1 years for their partners at time of birth.Fathers under age 16 tend to have somewhat older partners, though these involved only 324 California births in 2002.Table 13: Average Age of Fathers in Births by Teen Mothers, by Marital Status, California, 2002 Tables 13 and 14 are based on 41,775 births by teen mothers and 17,496 births fathered by teenage males in California in 2002 for which partner age is stated.


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  2. History Edit. Historically, unequal pairings are quite common, if not the rule. In Classical Greece, men would typically marry around the age of thirty, and would.

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