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Women dating older men statistics jenaveve jolie dating 101

Married teens also have far greater fertility (170 per 1,000 married teen women — 10 times higher than for unwed teens).

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Many observers look for practical factors than ignore the fact that adult-teen, like adult-adult and teen-teen, relationships may be genuine, although assumptions of unhealthy factors may apply for very young teens involved with much-older partners (Males 1999, 1996; Luker 1996).The appeal of older women to younger men is the subject of considerable anecdotal speculation, but has not been systematically studied, primarily because the extent of these relationships has not been acknowledged.Many of the same reasons older men are appealing to younger women may apply in reverse.Older male infection of younger females may be even more pronounced if, as several studies indicate, HIV-positive teenage males also tend to have had adult male partners (Wendell et al 1993; Conway et al 1993).The HIV infection rate is nine times higher, and gonorrhea and syphilis rates are three times higher, among teen girls than among teen boys, indicating infection of younger women by older male partners.These tendencies are indicated by the older age of married teens.The average age of a California teen wife giving birth is 18.2, and her husband, 22.7.Older men also carry liabilities that can be closely related to what seem to be their attributes.Greater independence means greater mobility, which makes it easier for older partners to abandon girlfriends.A substantial percentage of younger teens who have had sex appear to have been forced."Some 74% of women who had intercourse before age 14 and 60% of those who had sex before age 15 report having had sex involuntarily," as do 40% of those who had sex by 15, and 25% by 16 also reported, the Guttmacher Institute said.


  1. Interested in dating younger women. women date older men is that older guys aren’t. be any different than meeting and dating women your age or older.

  2. Reasons Why Dating An Older Man. statistics point to women. People see the whole leathery skin look as becoming on men yet repulsive on women.

  3. It`s billed as ``a good-news book about women and relationships.``Judging by scores of other works on the pop-psychology front, ``Loving a Younger Man.

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